Getting the right tool built, for the right price, within a certain time frame is sometimes hard to come by. At PMB though, we excel in all three of these. Whether the job is in-house or overseas, we will manage and make sure the job gets done correctly, efficiently, and within budget. 

Mold Build

PMB has a complete tool shop with the capabilities to provide a quality class 101 through 105 mold. Whether it’s a multi cavity high production mold or a single cavity low production mold, we will get the job done for you. Another service we offer is surface plating.


Whether you decide to use PMB’s in-house tool shop to have your mold built, or use our overseas option, PMB will manage your project from start to finish, all while suppling a weekly progress report. If the mold is built in-house, it is designed and managed by our team of experienced engineers. If the mold is built overseas, then we will manage all aspects of the overseas process to make sure it meets customer requirements. We also provide project management for part inspection, sampling, and approval processes.

Maintenance & Repairs

PMB will maintain your mold on a regular schedule. With consent, we will make any repairs needed, on-site, with the quickest turn around as possible so your mold can return to production.

Engineering Changes

Our engineering team will coordinate with your production needs to make any changes to your product and assist in quality approval. When all changes have been completed, updated CAD data to your mold will be provided.


PMB can design and build an inexpensive soft prototype mold for fit and function analysis. We can also build a hardened pull-a-head that can later be put into a multi cavity tool.

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