Secondary Operations

Our team does what it takes to make sure the customer has an easy role in the process of manufacturing their product. Secondary operations allows PMB to be your one-stop shop for all your plastic injection molding needs. From fully automated work cells, to computer controlled label application machines, PMB is leading the way in bringing high quality plastic products to the market.


In striving for continuous improvement, we are always looking for ways to reduce cost and improve quality using automation. Designing and building assembly machines, using robotics, automatic conveying, and camera inspections systems are just a few of the things we are capable of. PMB can take the parts we make, as well as additional supplied parts, and assemble them for you.

Hot Plate Welding

Hot plate welding is a process that we use for plastic part joining. If you have two separate molded parts, and need them joined together, then this could be the process needed for your product. An example of this would be two halves of a tank that have to be joined. (Insert video)

Sonic Welding

PMB utilizes ultrasonic machines to melt and join plastic parts together or to install threaded inserts, bushings, or pins. 

Value Added Services

Our capabilities include printing custom-colored graphics on parts for purposes such as: branding, labeling, part decoration, and date coding. In addition, we offer testing services to ensure longevity.

Label Application

Customers often want their logo or a label applied to their parts. There are several options as to how this can be done, but the two most common include automatic label applications or manual label applications. Both processes are accurate, and will include a quality inspection.

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