Engineering is a large part of all processes in manufacturing. Every aspect of everything that goes on within a manufacturing plant involves engineering. No matter the job or project, there is always room for improvement. A few of the capabilities our engineering team is able to provide include:

Project Management

Project management is a highly valuable service we offer. From the time the product is brought to us, to the last shot out of the mold, we will assist and oversee all processes during the life of production. PMB’s precisely planned, monitored, and executed project management services ensure that your project’s goals and objectives are on schedule throughout each phase of the process. This gives our customers a competitive advantage in cost, quality, and lead times.


Continuous improvement is a very important phrase to us. Our goal is to not only improve our service, but to constantly improve our business because it directly correlates to the outcome of your product. In order to achieve that, we are sure to keep up to date on all of the latest CAD software to meet all your mold and process demands. A few of the design services we offer include mold, tooling for secondary operations, and fixtures. Fixture design is often needed when the part needs to be placed a certain way for part cooling or quality inspection.

Metal to Plastic Conversion

Technological advancements have created plastics which are able to withstand the heat and stress that previously only metal could withstand. Plastic injection molded parts are quickly taking the place of metal parts and with huge benefits to the supplier. Cost and weight reductions, along with multiple stamping and castings into a singular plastic injection molded part are just a few of these advantages. Call us today to find out how we can save you time and money, without compromising strength and long term durability.

Design for Molding Review

Our engineering team can ensure the mold-ability of your part, and assist in getting your finished plastic product to the market via the most efficient and cost effective means possible. An example of this would be adding material savers to a mold. Material savers reduce the amount of plastic needed to produce a part, without compromising its strength or integrity. Small reductions in per part plastic requirements… add up to huge cost savings for our customers!

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